Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (EC) is created by 10 members which are elected by the Annual General Meeting for the period of 4 years with possibility of re-election. The EC members are solving "daily matters" of ECAHO. No more than 2 members of the same country can serve in the EC at the same time. 

Executive Committee of ECAHO

    • Jaroslav Lacina - President of ECAHO
    • Anna Stojanowska - Vice-president of ECAHO
    • Jerzy Bialobok - Treasurer
    • Nils Ismer - Chairman of the Show Commission ((EAHSC)
    • Elisabeth Chat - Chairman of the Sport Commission (EAPSpC)
    • Gideon Reisel - Chairman of Registration and Identification Commission (EAHRIC)
    • Christianne Chazel - EC member
    • Renata Schibler - EC member
    • Essam Abdulla - EC member
    • Hassan Al Mannai - EC member

If you wish to contact the Executive Committee, please send your requests to ECAHO Office. Your e-mails or letters will be properly distributed.