ECAHO Breeders´ Fund - Sport

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ECAHO Breeders´ fund - season 2022 distribution

National Championships - SPORT


  • donation 200 € per horse placed 1st - 3rd in the class at the National Championship

Money distribution:

  • in cash via event organizer or bank transfer directly to owner
  • registered owner of the horse must be the owner of the provided bank account
  • event organizer will ensure that all exhibitors fill in and sign the form with their bank account number before the event (form will be provided by ECAHO)


  • event organizer will apply for the EBF donation at least 30 days before the date of the event
  • donation upon request from the National organization to ECAHO -> please contact ECAHO Office /
  • request for donation must be done before the catalogue is printed
  • National organization (ECAHO member) is sole organizer of the event or the National organization (ECAHO member) approves the event organizer to organize the National Championship
  • no open debts of the National organization (all membership fees and affiliation fees must be paid)
  • event affiliated in accordance with Green Book rules
  • event held in accordance with Green Book rules
  • results provided on APHA results form in the correct format
  • if possible, results to be provided also in .JSON format compatible with ECAHO database
  • minimum 3 horses entered in the class
  • if a horse is disqualified or the result is under the minimum of points required, the donation will not be paid
    • in Dressage a horse with less than 50% is not positive and will be not in the ranking
    • in Reining a horse with less than 65 points will not be in the ranking
    • in Ranch Riding a horse less than 65 points will not be in the ranking
    • in Trail a horse less than 60 will not be in the ranking
  • promo page of ECAHO placed in catalogue by the event organizer free of charge
  • prize money certificates (provided by ECAHO upon request) must be distributed to the winners
  • event organizers will provide photos from event and prize giving ceremony in good resolution (photos will be used for promo and overview of EBF)


Minimum ADVANCED level is required. If there are ADVANCED and MASTER classes opened for the same discipline within the same event, the money will be awarded in MASTER classes.

Only horses registered in the WAHO recognized studbook in the class are permitted.

Money will be awarded in the following classes

  • Classic Pleasure
  • Western Pleasure
  • Hunter Pleasure
  • Ranch Riding
  • Traditional Arabian Riding (Classic & Western)
  • Ladies side saddle (Classic & Western)
  • Dressage
  • Show Jumping
  • Reining
  • Trail


National Championships payment rules

  • EBF will have to be provided the printed version of the event catalogue and the correct IBAN, SWIFT and NAME of the accounts for each winner (hose owner) of the prize money, within 60 days of the event, to
  • In case the organizer has paid the money out already, EBF will have to be provided the printed version of the event catalogue and the official invoice of the payment (including IBAN, SWIFT and NAME of the account) by the organizer, also within 60 days of the event.
  • All other after event requested materials (event results, photos) have to be sent to EBF within the same time frame (within 60 days of the event). In case the end date is not met, the money will not be paid out.
  • After receiving all the requested materials and account info on all the winners, the money will be transferred. Confirmational e-mail will be send to the association confirming that the payments have been made in accordance to the account information provided to EBF by the association. The transfer of the prize money is usually processed at the end of the year.
  • EBF will only be in contact with the association, regarding any inquiries of the EBF prize money, and NOT each winner separately. Winner must contact the association/event organizer for any inquiries, questions, comments etc. they may have regarding the prize money. The association must therefore not refer the winner to EBF regarding the prize money.
  • Mistakes in the IBAN, SWIFT or NAME of the recipient of the prize money or claims of money not being received, can be retried transferred only once more (if requested by the association), where the fee of the second transfer will be paid by the recipient.