Honorary membership

The Honorary membership is awarded to special persons within ECAHO who contributed significantly to development of ECAHO, Shows and welfare of the Arabian Horses. Any Member organizations has right to propose those persons to the Executive Committee. The Honorary membership is awarded at the Annual General Meetings.


SAR Teresa de Borbón

Great supporter of the Arabian horses, acted as ECAHO DC and Judge for many decades, supporting the Spanish lines of Arabian horses. Now retired from the ECAHO lists but still active as breeder, show organizer and Judge in Spain.

Mrs. Ursula Rahm

Stood at the beginnings of ECAHO, acted as DC, worked in the Executive Committee and Commissions and many years as the Treasurer of ECAHO.

Dr. Nasr Marei

Long term Judge, Instructor, successful breeder and promoter of the Arabian breed. He decided to stop judging big shows and retired from the ECAHO list but still listed as National judge of Egypt.

Mr. Peter Gamlin

Very kind person, for many years ECAHO Judge, excellent breeder and supporter of Arabian horses, still active even in his 80´s.