ECAHO for good horsemanship

DC work - stricter rules since 2020 show season

  • stricter control of tactile hairs shaving, fines and disqualifiation of horses with all tactile hairs shaved
  • hair extensions - fines
  • fines for Handlers accumulating yellow/red cards during the show
  • limitation of circling
  • limitation of leas rope length

(more details concerning tactile hairs to be donwloaded on the right side of this page)

Sound level measuring at ECAHO shows

In accordance with decisions made at the Munich Show Commission Meeting in February 2018, a project has started to collect data on the sound levels at several shows. ECAHO has therefore acquired several devices that have been distributed to the chosen DC members that are expected to take measurements at several ECAHO events. Of course measurements should be taken when the music and or speaker is speaking the loudest. Music is usually loudest during the trot presentation and just before the announcement of the placings in classes and championships. Our aim is to have sufficient data for evaluation at the next AGM in 2019.

ECAHO statement regarding alleged agony breeding in Arabian horses

2017 marks the 34th anniversary of the foundation of ECAHO by 10 national Arabian horse organizations that later expanded throughout Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle-East, to ensure fair competition and animal welfare at Arabian horse shows. Since then, representatives of the ECAHO member countries meet regularly to evaluate the current standings and development of welfare with regard to Arabian horse shows, and continuously strive to improve the rules and conditions for exhibitors, spectators, officials and last, but for sure not least the horses.


ECAHO for good horsemanship program

Description of the problem:

 ECAHO was founded to assure fair competition and humane treatment of our beloved Arabian horses, especially on shows. Today this topic has not become any less important and some developments in recent years oblige us to start some activity to keep focused on these high principles. Not only due to general changes of society's views on animal welfare, but also due to awareness of negative developments in the training and the presentation of Arabian horses, ECAHO feels the need for some structured activity regarding the welfare of the horse. With the knowledge that most of our owners, breeders, grooms and trainers love their horses and handle them in most cases very fairly and professionally, we increasingly observe poor treatment of horses which does not live up to the standards of ECAHO rules and principles.

Therefore, ECAHO will start a program called "ECAHO for good horsemanship", which will address variety of subjects to: