Sport Judges

Judges for Classic, Western, Driving

Accepted Judges have to have a license valid for the year of the event, discipline and level, issued by:
  • ECAHO (Pleasure Classes and Trail)
  • NF/FEI (Dressage, Show Jumpiong)
  • NRHA/AQHA (Western)
  • USEF/AHA (other)

ECAHO Sport Judges

ECAHO is educating and approving Sport Judges in order to give the Halter Show organizers a good possibility to have well-trained and experienced Judges for all Pleasure and Trail classes fitting well to the halter shows. To become ECAHO approved Sport Judge, the following steps must be fulfilled:

  • to attend ECAHO education courses that contain practical lessons with horses
  • to pass a written test
  • to pass the practical test during competition (practical judging)
  • to act at least two times as a probationer at an Arabian horse sport event
  • to be accepted by the ECAHO Executive Committee

Judges´ card for ECAHO Sport Judges is valid for all classes with ranking:

  • Classic Pleasure
  • Western Pleasure
  • Hunter Pleasure
  • Pleasure Driving
  • Ladies Side Saddle
  • Traditional Arabian Riding
  • Trail
  • Hand Trail

It is not valid for classes with scoring (points) - the license by other equestrian organization is required (see above).

Courses 2024

ECAHO Sport Judges' education Pleasure & Trail
May 2024, WTC Schulz, Wiener Neustadt

Courses 2023

No course is planned for 2023.