Doping & Medication


ECAHO has zero tolerance for any prohibited substances, even those which are listed on FEI list as "controlled".

The administration of any substance not a normal nutrient (including irritants applied to the skin and mucous membranes), whether intentionally or unintentionally, which may affect the performance, temperament or soundness of an exhibit is forbidden. Such substances are listed in the list of prohibited substances.


The person responsible for the horse is the registered owner or the lessee, but the person who signs the entry form, the handler, and other support personnel including but not limited to grooms and veterinarians may be regarded as additional persons responsible if they are present at the event or have made a relevant decision about the horse. Should the person responsible designate someone to represent them (e.g. a lawyer) any correspondence sent to this representative will be deemed to have been communicated to the person responsible.

The penalty for the use of prohibited medication will be a fine of up to 4000 Euro per horse, and the loss of place, title, qualification and the return of any trophies and/or prize money, and the horse will be suspended from participating in any ECAHO affiliated shows for a period of one (1) year after the day the sanctions were imposed by the SDC. If the penalty is not paid within one year, the horse will continue to be banned for a longer period of time until the full amount of the fine is received by ECAHO. Any other horses owned by the person responsible, stud farm or breeding entity will also be banned from participating in any ECAHO affiliated shows until the full amount of the fine is received by ECAHO.

All Veterinary treatment necessary at the show ground must be carried out according to ECAHO Veterinary regulations. The person responsible for the horse will ask the vet who treats the horse to complete a treatment form and present it to the DC-vet at the show. Any treatment given to a horse immediately prior to a show should be recorded on a treatment form by the treating vet and presented to the DC upon arrival at the show.

PLEASE CHECK every time your horse gets any treatment what are the active substances in the treatment, what are their estimated detection times (some substances may be found in the horse urine/blood for many days!) and whether these substances aren´t on the list of prohibited substances. In case of doubts it is always better to fill in the Medication form and consult the DC vet before the show. Be aware that the detection times that can be found on internet do not give you any certainty that the medication would not be found in urine/blood. The detection/withdrawal times are effected by many factors (e.g. other medication used, age of horse, physical conditions, nutrition, way of administration etc.)!

FEI database of prohibited medication: FEI Clean Sport - Database of prohibited medication