High Point Horse of the Year

This projects aims to the riders and also should encourage the organizers to open Pleasure classes within ECAHO in-hand shows. The title will go to the horse. A rider can participate with several horses equally, if possible. 

High point horse of the year 2018 - RESULTS

High point horse of the year 2017 - RESULTS

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High point horse of the year 2016 - RESULTS


  • Novice
  • Advanced
  • Masters  


  1. Pleasure Events:
    • Pleasure Classic & Western
    • Traditional Arabian Riding (Mounted native costume)
    • Ladies side saddle Classic & Western
  2. Dressage
  3. Show Jumping
  4. Reining
  5. Trail 


  1. ECAHO will present annual awards based on the number of points earned by an individual horse in the Novice, Masters or Advanced division during ECAHO competitions affiliated within calendar year (in each ECAHO approved event in which points are awarded). The points are given following Green Book 1.-10. Place: 1st place by 10 horses counts 10 points, etc.)
  2. The horse in the Master, Advanced or Novice division with any horse in their respective division, who earns more points during a calendar year than any other horse has earned in that event, will be awarded the title “The year´s high point earner” and an appropriate award will be given to the horse´s record owner as of December 31st. The name of the horse and rider will be announced at ECAHO website (www.ecaho.org).
  3. The High point horse will be designated and a certificate will be mailed to the recorded owner.
  4. Each of the top 10 placed earners for that year in each event will be designated and a certificate will be mailed to the recorded owner.
  5. In the event of a tie the winner will be the horse earning the final points the earliest in the year. 

How to affiliate an ECAHO Sport event:

  1. The organizer sends invitation/schedule to ECAHO Office for approval. Dressage/Show Jumping, Reining, Trail etc. to be held under ECAHO & National Equestrian Federation rules, Pleasure events (Classic & Western Pleasure, Mounted Native Costume - Traditional Arabian Riding, Ladies Side Saddle to be held under ECAHO Green Book rules.  The invitation/schedule should be sent to ECAHO Office at least 3 months prior to the date of the event and before the invitation/schedule is published. The ECAHO Office reserves right to comment/correct on the schedule/invitation.
  2. Once the invitation is approved, the event will be published on ECAHO website.
  3. The results must be sent to ECAHO Office no later than 6 weeks after the event, at latest until 15.12. of the calendar year in which the event is organized. Only results received before 15.12. of the calendar year will be counted in the High point score.
  4. Results will be published at the end of the calendar year.
  5. Events not affiliated will not be considered in the point counting.