ECAHO for good horsemanship

ECAHO for good horsemanship

Description of the problem:

 ECAHO was founded to assure fair competition and humane treatment of our beloved Arabian horses, especially on shows. Today this topic has not become any less important and some developments in recent years oblige us to start some activity to keep focused on these high principles. Not only due to general changes of society's views on animal welfare, but also due to awareness of negative developments in the training and the presentation of Arabian horses, ECAHO feels the need for some structured activity regarding the welfare of the horse. With the knowledge that most of our owners, breeders, grooms and trainers love their horses and handle them in most cases very fairly and professionally, we increasingly observe poor treatment of horses which does not live up to the standards of ECAHO rules and principles.

Therefore, ECAHO will start a program called "ECAHO for good horsemanship", which will address variety of subjects to:

  1.  ensure highest standard of Officials´ education
  2. enforce the compliance of animal welfare regulations based on:
    1. ECAHO rules and principles
    2. OIE (World Organisation of Animal Health)
    3.  National animal protection acts
  3. re-establish ECAHO as a clear advocate for animal welfare
  4. improve the image of ECAHO affiliated Arabian horse shows regarding animal welfare
  5. establish fair competition for all ECAHO exhibitors


Step 1: Analysis of current problems

  •  insufficient actions by DC-members, Judges and Ringmasters
  • use of anal irritants to improve the tail carriage
  • any shanking other than to control an unruly horse
  • excessive circling
  • stress (transport, foals, warm up, stand up
  • clipping of all tactile hairs and hairs inside the ears
  • whipping

 Step 2: Conclusion of Analysis and planned activities

  •  improve training and enforcement actions of DC members
  • better analysis, conclusions and sanctions of individual cases
  • training and information for Handlers
  • communication with Handlers
  • promotion of the ECAHO for good horsemanship program on website and social media
  • further development of rules and testing regarding anal irritants
  • if necessary, any other adjustments of ECAHO rules (i.e. penalty points)

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