Equine Influenza vaccine shortage

Dear DCs, dear show organizers,

FEI published a statement concerning the regulations in response to the shortage of vaccines in Europe created by supply issues of the producer of the vaccines.

ECAHO Executive Committee and the Show Commission agreed to follow FEI in this matter:

FEI decided to extend the booster intervals from 6 (six) to 12 (twelve) months in combination with increased disease surveillance and a higher level of general biosecurity. Currently, the regulations require Equine Influenza boosters to be given in the six months (+21 days) leading up to the competition, but not within seven days of arrival at the event. Horses will be eligible to compete at ECAHO event with the most recent booster taken within a period of 12 months, but not within seven days or arrival at the event.

This temporary exception is in effect from 1 October 2022 to 1 April 2023.

For further information please refer to FEI Frequently Asked Questions: https://inside.fei.org/fei/your-role/veterinarians/biosecurity-movements/equine-influenza

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