Show season 2020 statement

Dear all,

ECAHO is fully aware of the current difficult situation, caused by Covid-19 lockdown, which is affecting the Arabian horse show-, sport- and trade business and related activities worldwide. For event organizations it is very hard  to  plan ahead and it is completely understandable that many organizers are cancelling or trying to find reserve dates for their respective show- and sport events. 

ECAHO would like to keep a positive spirit and support the re-start of the show- and sport season as much as possible. The Executive Committee of ECAHO agreed recently that there may be exceptional conditions necessary for individual events, if the organizations are in need exceptions to the rules. All exceptions need to be sent in written form to ECAHO Office for approval, before the schedules are published.

ECAHO would like to bring extra attention to the organization of the National category shows during the 2020 season, even though all show categories are of course welcome and supported. It is merely an important reminder that all organizers should carefully check and fulfil national regulations regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. All participants should also be properly informed about these conditions before the closing dates of entries, to consider their participation. All organizers should keep our office fully informed, about any decision they make, to give us a chance to properly update our show calendar. 

Please stay safe and take care

ECAHO Executive Committee

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