"A" DC course

Date: 18.-19.11.2017
Venue: Tierklinik Leimental, Biel-Benken, Switzerland (http://www.tierklinik-leimental.ch/)

Instructors: Jackie Vandyke, Dr. med. vet. Thomas Stohler, Sinan Odok (legal matters) 

Conditions for persons who are interested to participate:

 A “B” list DC may apply to his/her National Arab horse breeding association to be upgraded to the “A” list of ECAHO DCs and must have fulfilled the following conditions:

  • To have been on the ECAHO “B” list for a minimum of three years.
  • To have acted at a minimum of two shows each year during these three years (six shows).
  • To have successfully completed and passed an ECAHO International “A” DC course. (under at least two ECAHO Instructors designated by DCIC, one of which must be a Veterinarian Instructor).

Once these conditions have been fulfilled, the DC Instructors Sub-Commission will evaluate all the results and propose the recommended applicants to the EAHSC. The EAHSC will decide, by majority vote, to accept the applicant for the “A” DC list or not, regardless of the fulfilment of the above pre-conditions. 


 The Course will start on Saturday 18.11.2017 at 9:00. The estimated finish is on Sunday at around 16:00. The course will consist of theoretical lectures focused on good knowledge, understanding and applying of the rules. One part will be dedicated to the legal matters and consequences of the decisions made by the DC´s.

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